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Game Show Videos

The funniest and most entertaining game show moments.
Oct 18 '14

Those first two questions, I tell you…

Tags: press your luck peter tomarken

Aug 12 '14

Not news: Steve Harvey reacts to a Family Feud dumb answer.

Game Show Videos: There’s not a dick joke in sight!

NOTE: I did not record this video, and the quality is not the greatest.

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May 12 '14

A Pointless music video, in the style of Eurovision

Apr 15 '14

This is probably the best catchphrase I’ve seen on this show.

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Mar 24 '14

Can you believe that it happened again?

EDIT: UK geoblocked. I’ll try to get a fixed video posted later today.

Tags: video

Mar 16 '14

Name any country with a Pacific coastline. Bet you never thought of this one!

(And as always, by “country” we mean a sovereign state that is a member of the UN in its own right.)

Tags: video

Mar 11 '14

Things are literally falling apart at the Dream Factory…

Tags: video

Mar 9 '14

A clip of the closing theme recorded from GSN on 3-6-14. At 0:53 is a Moog section I’ve never heard before…

Tags: video

Mar 2 '14

There’s only one word for this clip: “Wow.”

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Feb 7 '14


London’s giant cock!

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